HP Indigo Printer

Recently our designers' eyes were opened to the printing technologies of the HP Indigo Printer. The obvious benefit of a digital press is the ability to print low quantities, but the most SURPRISING benefit of the Indigo Printer is its amazing ability to achieve design effects. Want to print bright color on black paper? Want to add a special flare to invites with a pearlescent or metallic paper without losing color richness? Want to print straight onto leather, metal, or even a door?! As crazy as this may sound, it’s all possible with this printer.

The Indigo uses ElectroInk which is much thinner than toner and produces highly accurate Pantone colors. It also prints white which allows for endless paper options. With such thin ink, images are crisper because the edges won’t bleed. However, on the flip side of that, the layering of these ultra thin ElectroInks allows for beautiful
color blending and gradients.

This printer is amazing and I’m sure you’re wondering where the closest one is. Look no further than AlphaGraphics in Evansville. Their family owned, enthusiastic team would love to help you create your next show stopping piece. Visit their site for more info www.alphagraphics.com

  • Claire McDonald
  • Claire McDonald
    Graphic Designer
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  • Date
    May 28 2015

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