Mom's Day

Dear Amy: I only have 3 shipping days to get a gift for my hard working mother for Mother’s Day. What would be the perfect gift under $20 that I can give her for her office? (Must arrive on-time, shipping fees must be included in the $20 budget.)—Signed, Desperate Son

Dear Desperate Son: Your hard working mother deserves for you to start thinking about her earlier than this tight deadline. However, it is still the thought that counts—so it is never too late.

I suggest you brighten up her workspace with a cheery dancing flower for her desk that never needs watering. The Solar Dancing Flower, which comes in assorted colors, will put a smile on mom’s face every time she watches it. When sunlight shines on this playful desk toy, the flower begins to flip and flap, like it’s dancing. And at this price, you can afford to order more than one! Order today.

  • Amy Englert
  • Amy Englert
    Project Manager
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    May 06 2014

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