We just got back from NeoCon

Work around the office is really starting to ramp up as we begin some fun new projects. But before we put all of our NeoCon swag away we wanted to share our highlights from the trip. We doled out grades for our top picks, from A+ to C. Some of our opinions vary, but we all agree Nucraft rocked it this year with their press kit. Swag, however, was not why we visited the Windy City. The show rooms were the real stars (some shone brighter than others). A few of our favorites this year were Bentley, HBF Textiles, Interface, OFS Brands, and Nucraft. We got tons of inspiration to take into our upcoming projects and are looking forward to a busy summer at the In Form Design studio.

  • Claire McDonald
  • Claire McDonald
    Graphic Designer
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  • Date
    June 19 2014

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