Tangerine Tango

Dear Amy: I have to specify a showroom fabric for NeoCon 2014 and I’m completely in love with tangerine. I’ve been told that tangerine is ‘so 2013′. Should I go with what I like or specify a more trendy fabric?—Concerned Intern

Dear Concerned Intern: Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango is actually ‘so 2012′. So that would be a no. Be ahead of the game and set your own trends!

Fabrics shown: ‘Chroma’ and ‘Roundabout’ (Arc-Com), and ‘Divina by Kvadrat’ and ‘Point 466090’ (Maharam).

  • Amy Englert
  • Amy Englert
    Project Manager
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  • Date
    October 30 2013

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