Where's Dad's Gift?

Dear Amy: Father’s Day is fast approaching and I am still without a gift for my wonderful dad. He lives for power tools, beer, and grilling. Is there one gift I can quickly pick up at a major chain store that would satisfy all three of his affections?—Signed, Daddy’s Favorite

Dear Desperate Son: This late in the game I would jump on the internet and head straight to Pit Boss. Here you will find a tool belt that will satisfy all of his indulgences and keep you his favorite forever. The Pit Boss is a griller’s tool belt that has places to put all of his grill tools, sauces, bottle opener and even a place to hold a beer or two. Have Dad wear this to the next tailgate and be the real Bomb Daddy.

  • Amy Englert
  • Amy Englert
    Project Manager
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    June 13 2014

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