Dear Amy: I have the winter blahs. What can I do to spruce up my office and bring some life back that Mother Nature has frozen?—Feeling Uninspired

Dear Feeling Uninspired: Comfort and cleanliness are essential for boosting your productivity—and your mood. Here are five easy fixes to help you transform the boring and blah to a personal work area that emits major mojo.

  1. Splurge on super cool organizational accessories. is my go-to for blasting the blues.
  2. Art your walls. Find a fun print, a favorite saying, a poster that speaks to you. Surround yourself with personal inspiration.
  3. Add color. Color brings energy to your work space. The boss won’t let you grab a paint brush and go to crazy town on your walls? Improvise. Find colored picture frames, sticky notes, pens and pencils, notepads, and file folders.
  4. Add a lamp for some great mood lighting and bring brightness to your everyday work life.
  5. Go green! Bring in a live plant for a mood booster. The extra oxygen will keep you healthy and awake!
  • Amy Englert
  • Amy Englert
    Project Manager
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    February 19 2014

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