Carolina’s solution for healthcare facilities uniquely balances facility standards with aesthetic styling while providing comfort for the patient and his or her family. Carolina approached us to re-brand and migrate their healthcare furniture company to the high-design healthcare market which consists of healthcare facilities, healthcare architects and designers, facility mangers, and administrators. To directly align with these various audiences, we created Carolina’s core message A Better Way To Experience Healthcare to maintain brand focus on the healing of the patient. For brand colors, we selected a lively green to represent healing, and a rich brown to represent Carolina’s dedication to wood manufacturing and environmental sustainability. To show evidence-based expertise in healthcare environments, we determined a true-to-life brand photostyle applicable for both digital renderings and studio photography. The training center and showrooms for Carolina were created to mirror these true-to-life environments to assure healthcare professionals of Carolina’s top notch performance.

Mile Marker

Mile Marker™ is a modular millwork system created by Carolina. This healthcare specific collection is comprised of a wide-range of components to suite an entire healthcare facility, as the facility grows, the modular system can grow with it. We rendered a series of room scenes that included a caregiver station, a patient room and a family respite. By using 3D visualization, we were able to show a realistic application of the product, making these images the most important sales tool Carolina had to offer. To further tell the Mile Marker story, we wove the metaphor of The Caregiver’s Quest into the sales brochure, invoking the nurturing tone-of-voice we initially created for Carolina.

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